Film details:
Original title: Lovely planet
Duration: 8 minutes
Year: 2010
Original format: super 8, DV, DV CAM, HD CAM
Exhibition format: Quicktime Apple Prores HQ, anamorph 16:9 (768x 576)
Quicktime HD Photo Jpeg codec / DVcam

Production: NEWTON film in coproduction with Submarine/BOS
Festival distribution: Eye Film Institute
Produced & directed by Ton van Zantvoort
Cinematography & editing by Ton van Zantvoort
Sound design & compositing Ton van Zantvoort
Music composed by Roy Bemelmans

A psychedelic trip through the eyes of a backpacker, who is also questioning the appropriateness of the critical mores of the Lonely Planet guide. Starting with a parachute jump, often manipulated images fly by at breakneck speed. In Lovely Planet our heart beats faster and our retina gets overloaded by images and impressions.

Een psychedelische trip door de ogen van een backpacker, die tegelijkertijd kritische kanttekeningen plaatst bij de mores van de backpackers die zich laten leiden door de Lonely Planet-reisgidsen. De beelden vliegen in razend tempo voorbij en ons hart klopt sneller en sneller.


Publications / Press / Articles
Filmbank/ Eye Film
International Film Festival Breda, 2010
Beats, Backpacks & Boeddha
Bredavandaag, March 2010
BKKC- Film in Brabant 2010

Interviews (Dutch)
Audio interview Beats Backpacks & Boeddha (send email to listen this)
Radio interview - Grensgeluiden ( Border sounds) - 2010

Fragment Lovely Planet
Lovely Planet