Welcome to the website of
Independent Filmmaker

Ton van Zantvoort.

Here you can find my latest work, including background information, film- and set stills.
Together with Tanja Plasil I am developing a
scenario for a new film. This film is about three
ex-communicated Mennonites in Belize.
Banned to Society

In May I was in Potosí
(Bolivia) for two months,
to make my first feature length documentary,
which I am editing now.
Grito de Piedra
(Scream of the Stone)

In January I was in Mumbai (India) for a film for the Liliane Foundation. The film will be about Gauri and her dream to become an actress.
I now started editing the film.

"At places where it looks like the time stands still,
or where western influence has taken its toll;
autonomous documentary films, mostly without interviews."


PACK in Dutch cinemas
This short film is now playing in several cinemas.
do 19-1, 20.15: Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam
di 7-2, 19.30: 't Hoogt, Utrecht
do 9-2, 21.15: Plaza Fuitura, Eindhoven
di 14-2, 21.00: Vera Zienema, Groningen
do 16-2, 19.45: Filmhuis Delft
wo 22-2, 19.30: Filmhuis Arnhem
di 28-2, 20.30: Filmhuis Den Haag
zo 12-3, 17.00: Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam