Welcome to the website of
Independent Filmmaker

Ton van Zantvoort.

Here you can find my latest work, including background information, film- and set stills.
Together with Tanja Plasil I am developing a
scenario for a new film. This film is about three
ex-communicated Mennonites in Belize.
Banned to Society

In May I was in Potosí
(Bolivia) for two months,
to make my first feature length documentary,
which I am editing now.
Grito de Piedra
(Scream of the Stone)

A Long-term project is writing my triptych of
'De dag is vandaag' (in Dutch). This book is about three different filming days (in Nuang Nam, Turkana and Potosi), my gaze as filmmaker and the contradictions in life.

"At places where it looks like the time stands still,
or where western influence has taken its toll;
autonomous documentary films, mostly without interviews."


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