Another day in Bombay is an autonomous and poetic film about people that are ‘lost’ in Bombay.
People from the countryside arrive in the twilight zone between reality and the dream that the city offers.

An audiovisual atmospheric portrait about the city Bombay and its 'lost' people.

In February and in December 2007 I was in Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) too shoot this short film. The film is inspired by the theme 'loss and desire'. This is the name of the exhibition that is held in March in the Vishal in Haarlem.

Ramesh Pataak came from the countryside to Mumbai about 40 years ago. After a while he build a house, but the government made a public toilet of it. Since then he is waiting for a new place where he and his family can live. He is already waiting under the Andheri railwaystation bridge for 37 years.

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The Gaurdian, Wednesday January 17, 2007
Some time this year or next, humanity will officially cross the line from being a rural to an urban species. For the first time in history, more of us will live in cities and urban areas than in the countryside, and the social and environmental implications of this transition to a predominantly urbanised world are enormous.