ALL OF US - Documentary  

ALL OF US (In production)

Feature length cinematic documentary film about the cultural, socioeconomic and environmental impact of tourism worldwide.

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Het verleden heeft de toekomst a film about the sheep hero  

The past as future (Het verleden heeft de toekomst)

For the first time in the history of our earth, more people live in cities than in the countryside. We have become alienated from nature.
Stijn leads a different life than most people nowadays and has been a shepherd for 15 years.

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17 mintues, 2011
in coproduction with Schatten van Brabant

Lovely planet - short film about the experience of travelling  

Lovely planet

A psychedelic trip through the eyes of a backpacker, who is also questioning the appropriateness of his journeys. In Lovely planet our heart beats faster and our retina gets an overload of images and impressions.

more info: fragment
8 mintues, 2010
in coproduction with Submarine/ BOS ; distribution Eye Film Institute (Filmbank)

Carrousel - short film by Ton van Zantvoort  


Carousel is a short personal film by Ton van Zantvoort about the funfair as an intriguing meeting place in the past and nowadays. Is all nostalgia gone, or do we still have more with the past as we might think...

more info: fragment
8 minutes, 2010
in coproduction with Schatten van Brabant


Is a documentary about people in Kenya who feel imprisoned by the power of the global flower industry. The dilemmas of the industry grow painfully clear and there is only one conclusion possible: the smell of the imported rose is not sweet, but bitter.

Official website of a BLOOMING BUSINESS, 52 minutes, 2009
in coproduction with VPRO; Distribution NEWTON film
USA/Canada by 7th Art Releasing, the rest : Journeyman Pictures

Autonomous short art film installation   Turning the Pages

Turning the Pages is a visual poetry essay about time and thoughts.
This installation (loop) was made for SALON XI exhibition.

more info: fragment
10 minutes, 2008,
installation loop
short documentary portrait  

Pedro Segundo

An intense and timeless impression in the life Pedro Segundo's, an old farmer who lived his life in the hills of Cayambe (
Ecuador). There is only the inside world, nothing else exists and even the flies can't leave the dark hut, filled with smoke.

more info: stills
4 minutes, 2008

autonomous and poetic film about being lost in Bombay

Another day in Bombay

Another day in Bombay is an autonomous and poetic film about people that are ‘lost’ in Bombay.This film is made for the exhibition 'loss and desire' in the Vishal in Haarlem.

more info: fragments, stills
10 minutes 2007

GRITO de PIEDRA - documentary film


In an observing way GRITO de PIEDRA (SCREAM of the STONE) gives an inside view of the lives of Gabino and Pedro Montes. Gabino is a miner in the Cerro Rico (Rich Hill) in Potosí, Bolivia. His son Pedro, a 23 year old student, works as a tourist guide in the same mine.

Official website of GRITO de PIEDRA
60 minutes, 2006
DIstribution by NPO Sales

Film about the city that exists

Machu Picchu Pueblo

Musical composition of the small village at the foot of Machu Picchu Pueblo.
The starting point for the 300.000 tourists who every year flock to Peru’s most
famous Inca site, the mystic citadel of Machu Picchu.

more info: fragments, still
15 minutes, 2006

Pack- short film about wild dogs   Pack

Pack observes a group of wild dogs in the surreal setting of the ruins of the temples of Sukhotai. Inflated with testosterone and with menacing raised lips the animals live in a strictly hierarchical pack. As long as the law of the strongest is respected, the situation is safe.

more info: show film, stills
4 minutes, 2005 ; distribution by Eye Institute (Filmbank)

Isla Totora

A short non spoken film about the idyllic life of a family that lives on a floating Island in Lake Titicaca. They used to live from their own fishing, but nowadays things are changing.

more info: film fragment, stills, background
10 minutes, 2005

Moja Mbegu

An autonomous portrait about a man in the Turkana area in the north of Kenya. In contrast with the Dutch fertile landscape, the old man tries to survive in this dry environment.This was one of the 12 films that was shown in Zeeland on the SEED festival in Juni 2004.

more info: registration stills
6 minutes, 2004

Spital Sibiu

A short impression of a kitchen in a hospital in Sibiu and the passion of cooking.

show film
3 minutes 2004

  Khamu Village

Khamu Village is a -non spoken- documentary about the original inhabitans (the Khamu) of Laos (South-East Asia). This film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) in Utrecht.

more info: fragments, stills
20 minutes, 2003 graduate project


A compilation of several short films shot in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
One of the Items played on several art / big International festivals and won several prizes.

more info: fragments, stills
18 minutes, 2003, graduate project