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The face of the A50 (6 min& 3 min)

Short film about for the divulgation of a monumental light sculpture next to the highway the A50. Commissioned by the municipality of Veghel in collaboration with the bkkc in the context of the restructuring of the industrial area.

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All souls(15 min)

The Art of commemoration. That is the idea behind ""
The art event consists of several interacting works of art that focus on "All Souls" and Death. The film shows people from different generations in advance to the event and their way of commemorating their deceased loved ones.


Gauri (20 min)

Gauri lives in the slums of Mumbai. She lost one leg when she was two years old. Half a year ago her mother died. Her father is an alcoholic and now she is staying with her aunt. But nevertheless gauri stays strong and keeps on smiling. She wants to become a star. This film was part of an exhibition (2006-2009) in the Tropism Museum Junior in Amsterdam.

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A Good Mediator (26 min)

A Good mediator is a film for the Liliane Foundation. The film shows the life of Mbaluka , the work of the mediator Kimani and also explains more about the structure of the foundation. The film is used to instruct mediators all around the world so they can help children with a handicap like Mbaluka.

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